venerdì, novembre 04, 2005

Scripta Manent: Sconosciuti

Bartender I'd like a Manhatten please

Stop me if you've heard this one
I feel as though we've met before
Perhaps I and mistaken
But it's just that I remind you of someone you used to care about
Oh but that was long ago
Now tell me do you really think I'd fall for that old line
I was not born just yesterday
Besides I never talk to strangers anyway

Well I ain't a bad guy when you get to know me
I just thought there ain't no harm
Hey, yeah just try minding your own business bud
Who asked you to annoy me with your sad sad repartee
Besides I never talk to strangers anyway

Your life's a dimestore novel
This town is full of guys like you
And you're looking for someone to take the place of her
You must be reading my mail
You're bitter cause he left you
That's why you're drinking in this bar
Well only suckers fall in love with perfect strangers

It always takes one to know one stranger
Maybe we're just wiser now
Yeah and been around the block so many times
That we don't notice
That we're all just perfect strangers
As long as we ignore
That we all begin as strangers
Just before we find
We really aren't strangers anymore

Ah, you don't look like such a chump
Hey baby

[I never talk to strangers - Tom Waits & Bette Midler, 1977]


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