giovedì, ottobre 28, 2004

La tortura è sempre quella degli altri

Amnesty accusa gli U.S.A di torture di guerra

The report -- "Human dignity denied: Torture and accountability in the 'war on terror"' -- urged Bush and Kerry to commit to opening an independent inquiry into all U.S. interrogation and detention policies.

"The core message of this report is that the prevention of torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment is primarily a matter of political will," it said.

Amnesty also criticized a tendency in the U.S. to gloss over aspects of war and violence -- referring to torture and degrading treatment as "stress and duress" for example -- which it said threatened to promote tolerance of them.

"The human rights violations which the U.S. government has been so reluctant to call torture when committed by its own agents are annually described as such by the State Department when they occur in other countries," the report said.